Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A Lifegame with Lifetime & Life-impacting Memories

Study & study... Work & work... just to meet my basic living needs of food, clothes, transport, healthcare, TAX and more BILLS especially when inflation surged so drastically that everyone was practically worried if they were able to buy their own food for dinner or would they have to humble themselves and eat rice with only "chek chek"(meaning gravy)... I felt tired of my life, and I did not totally like my job... I wanted to be someone extraordinary and to do something different... Should my life be this meaningless, or am I living my life the wrong way?? 

During my life, I was passionate about going to church (ohya... that time I didn't know that I was visiting the wrong church and paid a tithe still, who knew that a church in such a camp would be fake anyway?). I was so excited to get baptised that I didn't even bother that I would be bombarded with depressing words by my employer for being late for work (well, sadly he even said that he would cut my salary the next round, but fortunately he was too kind to do that ^^)

Thank God that my life did not continue in this depressing manner after I got married at the age of 28 to a guy who was passionate about God. He amazed me with his broad knowledge about the bible, amusing in a way and had great courage to do unexpected things. As his wife, I was happy to listen to his plan about establishing his own church with some other friends from Tasmania, because they felt the church in Freecity was just too odd (which was exactly the same church as the one that I went for baptism and paid a tithe to... haizzz so embarrassing...). Alright, back to the story... if this plan had worked out, we would all have resigned from our jobs and become volunteers in this church. But, probably because 'determination' was something we lacked of, so the plan was not carried out, unfortunately. One other sad news was I had a miscarriage of a daughter (because of old-age pregnancy, ya... I was 52... can you imagine how old I was to even want to be pregnant?), but something about him amazed me again (he was ready to pay the expensive fees even after the miscarriage without pausing for a moment) and this caused me to try again until I happily bore a son.

Things seemed to be going pretty well when the last Mayor stood up for the whole community and that she assured everyone that they will have free dinner for the night (it was easily the happiest thing to everyone at that moment). I could even remember that my husband and I thanked the last Mayor for the great things she had done for the people, but we were all blinded by her good deeds and did not know, even the slightest, that there were "bad" intentions behind all her actions and words. Can you see how people's crave for good food and long life could have caused them to make the wrong choices?? In the end, when everything unveiled, everyone including me felt fooled. But, who could we blame for all this mess but ourselves?... for not disciplining our minds to be alert of the signs as stated in the bible, and to live a Christian life with a real purpose. Our souls were just buried too deeply in the buzziness of our lives, and didn't even realise that we were losing our souls every second we engaged in our daily and meaningless routine. Sadly, everyone died in the end... 

Out of all things, I'm sure each of us learnt something that would impact our lives forever: to live a life that is fruitful in the sense of serving God and expanding his kingdom, spreading the gospel to our loved ones by first equipping ourselves with the knowledge of the bible, trying our best to glorify God's name in every actions we undertake, realising that any sorrows and deep scars in our lives are part of God's will in building our character so that we may be better in understanding the feelings and needs of others...

I know this game did have a significant impact on my perception of life... I hope it did on every other's lives too... 

~ La Fin ~

I would like to dedicate this post to - Jen, Li Ting, Wen Yi, Alyssa, Ming Yin, Yi Ting, Danny, Jarry & Clement (friends whom I went with & had fun together), Tan Ji (a great chinese-speaking Korean friend whom I first met at the camp), Benny (my husband at the camp), and especially Jeanne (who tried so much to beg her friends to attend, and fast & prayed that the camp would have an impact on their lives).

Lovely lunch with weird and happy faces

Jeanne the Hero...

Yeap... Benny, my husband (in lifegame)
Pretty, funny, great girlfriends..
Miss their warm companies already...
We, & everyone!!

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  1. great entry! nice knowing you and going through the camp with you!

    God bless! :)